<FBI> Washington <Pays> RANKS

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<FBI> Washington <Pays> RANKS

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1ic-2nd Founder-SkittlezX
-----------------------------All Founders get admin o every rank and can sell any rank except their own.

-Office of Administration-
Director of FBI-Empty 10,000c
Dept. Dir. of FBI-Empt 9,000c
Dir. of OOA-Empty 8,000c
Dept. Dir. of OOA-Empty 7,000c
Dir. of. BoD-Empty 6,000c
Dept. Dir. of BoD-Empty 5,000c
Senior Supervisor-Empty 4,000c
--------------------------------All OOA get admin to all badges up to Board of Directors.

-Board of Directors-
Dir. of BoD-Empty
Dept. Dir. of BoD-Empty
Dir. of TM-Empty
Dept. Dir. of TM-Empty
Dir. of Dir.-Empty
Dept. Dir. of Dir.-Empty
Dir. of HR-Empty
Dept. Dir. of HR-Empty
--------------------------All BoD get admin up to Trainer
Top Management
Snr. General-
Trl. General-
Ranks Commisioner-
Snr. Commisioner-
Overseer of HR-
Snr. Overseer
TM Supervisior- -Has admin to TM-
Trl TM-
Dir. of PU-
Dept. Dir. of PU-
Deptm. of Edu.-
Deptm. of Symbolizm-
PU Supervisor----------------------Has admin to PU
Snr. Director
Director of Sec.-
Director of Trainer-
Director of EU-
Trl Director-
Director Supervisor- Has admin to Director
-HIgh Ranks-
Grand Overseer-
HR of Sec.-
HR of Trainer-
Base Specialist-
Snr. Specialist-
High Rank-
HR Supervisor- Has admin to HR
EU is only givin to hard working agents that are guranteed HR-
Snr. Trainer-
Trainer I-
Trainer II-
Trainer III-
Trainer IIII-
Securitys Head 1c
Securitys Head 2c
Securitys Head 3c
Secuirtys Head 4c
Head Sec. Agent
HQ Security I
HQ Security II
HQ Securty III
Standards Head 1c
Standards Head 2c
Standards Head 3c
Head Agent
Head Agent I
Head Agent II
Head Agent III
Offi.Agent I
Offi. Agent II
Offi. Agent III

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